You the audience - Barkway June 2019

  • Posted on: 15 July 2019
  • By: huw

At recent concerts, we’ve distributed feedback cards to find out a bit about our audience members – to help us develop ways to reach beyond our existing core of loyal supporters.

At our Barkway concert on 29 June, 38 respondents travelled 672 miles to hear us. Two people travelled more than 50 miles (probably not just for the concert!) 60% travelled less than 10 miles.

Interestingly I think, only 8 (21%) came from Barkway, 6 (16%) from Royston. Less surprising, 84% of respondents – 32 – had heard about the concert through a choir member. A very high 81% (31) or respondents had been to another RCS concert is the past 12 months. 18 respondents - 47% - described their concert attendance as ‘regular’, with a similar number saying they ‘sometimes’ attend.

We welcome comments and suggestions and this is some of what members of the Barkway audience told us…

  • I enjoy touring East Anglia to get to your various venues

  • Very polished performance. You should play in London!

  • A varied programme. The choir performed well, particularly when considering the different languages!

  • Brahms was excellent - lots of energy - soloists superb. Suo Gan beautiful. Wonderful pianists.

  • What a wonderful varied concert, beautifully played and sung. Thank you.

  • The Facebook event is a good way to reach out to a wider audience (potentially at least) and is a good reminder that concerts are coming up.

  • Looking forward to resumption of autumn concerts in Royston.

  • It was beautiful tonight.

Chris Lee 3.7.19