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  • Posted on: 16 April 2019
  • By: huw

We are trying to find out as much as we can about our audiences – to target our publicity and attract more concert-goers! Before our concert in Ashwell on 6th April, we distributed survey cards with very four simple questions. Despite someone saying “oh no, not another feedback request – I’m overwhelmed by them!” we had a fantastic 48 responses (of an estimated audience of 140). This is what we learned…

  • Excluding a visitor from Turkey, 47 concert-goers travelled over 900 miles - 902 to be precise - from their homes to be at the concert (the furthest UK traveller had come 143 miles from south Gloucestershire - possibly not just for our concert!)

  • 6 respondents had come less than a mile, 33% = 5 - 10 miles, 35% = 10 - 20 miles, 4 came more than 50 miles (most likely choir family or friends)

  • 54% had been to another Royston Choral Society concert in the previous 12 months

  • 37% describe themselves as 'regular' RCS concert attenders, 31% attend 'sometimes'

  • 56% said they were 'residents' and 44% said they were 'visitors' (our view is that 56% respondents were saying they travelled from their home addresses - not that 56% of them were from Ashwell)

  • 35 respondents (73%) said they'd heard about the concert through a choir member, 23% had seen a poster, 2 people had seen online publicity, 4 had seen 'other publicity'

Comments left:

1. We used to live locally but have moved. We come back for as many as we can.

2. Love the variety - I live in London so the smaller venues are difficult to attend but never been disappointed! Appreciate the translated programme but print a tad too small to read easily. Would like to see the main contributors - The Choral Society - stand up first to get due praise.

3. Much enjoyed

4. Excellent performances so far. Perhaps record a concert for YouTube and website. Perhaps the concert should be confined to or consist of Royston Choral Society Members only, especially if funding is limited.

5. I love you all!

We do hope you will join us at our next concert for ‘Songs of Love’ – on Saturday 29th June at Barkway Parish Church.
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