Singing Notes - Ian Sanders

  • Posted on: 27 September 2020
  • By: huw

Ian Sanders, one of the society's tenors, tells us about some of his musical memories and loves.

What is your earliest memory of music in your life?

My father was a radio and radar engineer in the RAF during WW2 and after demob he continued this expertise building and repairing wireless sets. He built an enormous radio alongside an equally enormous base reflex speaker enclosure. This dominated one corner of our sitting room and when the radio was on the row of valves lit up that part of the room. The first piece of music I heard emanating from this beast was Kathleen Ferrier singing Blow the Wind Southerly.

What was your first 'public performance' of music/ drama/ or both?

I was aged about 9 and it was a parents’ evening at primary school. I performed a duet on descant recorders with a chap called Paul Trout – you really cannot forget a name like that. I cannot remember what we played but it was not memorable and we were never asked back!!

Who is your favourite composer/ songwriter, and why?

My favourite composer has to be Bach. Not only did he write monumental choral works - some of which we all know and love; but his motets are truly inspirational.

What composition/ piece/ song would you recommend to a friend to brighten up their day?

To brighten up anyone’s day try the Rolling Stones and Honky Tonk Woman. With or without a hairbrush instead of a microphone, it is easy to sing along to – LOUDLY!!!

Please tell us a humorous saying/ quote/ joke with a musical theme

Sir Thomas Beecham provided a seemingly endless source of witticisms. He was allegedly once asked if he had conducted any Stockhausen. To which he replied: “No, but I believe I stepped in some”.