Peter and Linda's Desert Island Discs

  • Posted on: 27 September 2020
  • By: huw

The Royston Choral Society includes a number of singing couples who share a love of music as well as each other; indeed, some came together through music. Partners often encourage each other with practice and attendance at rehearsals; it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall if they were cast away together! Below, Peter Harris shares his Desert Island selection, and Linda adds her own particular favourites at the end.

Summer Sequence 1945
By the Woody Herman Orchestra, arranged by Ralph Burns. It came on several 78s.

Faure's Requiem
I love to listen or perform it.

Serenade To Music by Vaughan Williams.
Just lovely, that’s all!

West End Blues
By Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five of 1928. That trumpet intro followed by a bluesy trombone solo, inspiring.

Pick Up The Pieces
By the Average White Band in 1978. Gets me moving, anything from a twitch to full blown embarrassing dad dancing.

Tantum Ergo
By De Severac. Beautiful and soothing.

There’s so much more music and it all has to be loved, any recording, or rehearsing and performance that we can interpret and share.

Linda adds…

The Duet from The Pearl Fishers
By Bizet. A tingle tune!

Any R 'n' B or Rock and Roll from the fifties. I had older sisters who idolised people like Johnnie Ray, Elvis Presley and Pat Boone. 78 records and posters on bedroom walls.

Elvis Presley ballads
are a special favourite