The musings of a rusty soprano

  • Posted on: 20 August 2021
  • By: huw

Jenny Leitch reflects on life without regular in-person rehearsals......

Like many others missing Royston Choral Society during what seemed interminable lockdown, I’ve been worried about my voice and reaching anywhere near our higher notes when we return.

I used to take my late husband to two singing groups aimed at people with dementia, and their family carers. Both – ‘Sawston Singing to Remember’ and Saffron Hall-sponsored ‘Together in Sound’ have continued throughout the pandemic on Zoom. Those with dementia have not all found it easy to interact with a screen, but for family carers both have been precious human contact when this was so limited, despite the squeaky notes!

As well as following Andrew’s [RCS's Musical Director] YouTube sessions, like some others in RCS I’ve also been following singing holiday company ‘Run by Singers’ (RBS) on-line courses via YouTube, to try and keep my vocal chords in shape. We’ve worked through the Requiem’s of Mozart, Durufle and Brahms, Vivaldi’s Gloria, a selection of Rutter pieces, and seasonal music for Christmas Eve. Still concerned about my voice I even ventured into the RBS YouTube sessions for Altos. Some reassurance.

Then came the glorious 2nd July and ‘Run by Singers’ weekend course in Bath, singing a mixed programme, with 60 others socially distanced in a draughty marquee, including others from RCS. And the notes just came! What a relief!

So fellow singers, sopranos especially, do take heart - the chemistry of singing together will oil the squeaks to lift your voice!